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For Teams


We are so excited to host an amazing Dodgeball tournament right here in Cookeville, TN. Follow the link to sign up your team here!

>All teams will play the round robin tournament 9-11:30 am on that Saturday. Same as last year, three 3 minute matches per game. The number of games you will play will depend on how many teams sign up.  

>You will be ranked by your performance in the tournament. The top 8 will then play in a single elimination bracket play. 

NEW this year>> Fundraising will still be a HUGE part of the competition, BUT this year, if you are the team who raises the most for Rising Above, YOUR TEAM WILL RECEIVE AN AUTOMATIC SEAT IN THE FINAL 8. You can raise funds through your online donation page or you can solicit donations and bring them to the office or bring them when your team checks in Saturday morning. 

NEW this year>> You don't HAVE to have uniforms/costumes BUT the team with the best/most creative uniform will have an edge in the competition. One of your team losses in the round robin play will be counted as a win. 


Your team costs

$ 25— Per team member
6-8 team members 

Peer-to-Peer fundraising

Create a fundraising page through our network for good page linked here.